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Thilly Broer, Director

Trade & Company Law

Thilly is a lawyer specialised in trade law and company law with a focus on financing and securities.

More than anybody else, Thilly is aware of the interests existing in companies: Before she was called to the Bar in 2001, she had been active as an independent entrepreneur herself for over 20 years.

Thilly is practical, solution-oriented and loves to engage in dialogues. However, if litigation is the best way to the solution, she does not hesitate to take that road. She has extensive experience in litigation in and outside the Netherlands, in Dutch law and in international law. To name some examples, disputes with banks, claims with regard to commercial contracts, disputes within legal entities and liabilities (of directors and officers).

Thilly loves to alternate her business aspirates with sports. She plays tennis and loves skiing. She also likes to sail on the Mediterranean.

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