Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad


Membership of Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad (DBLA)

PointLaw is the Maltese representative of Dutch Business Lawyers Abroad, in short DBLA, an association of Dutch business lawyers working across the globe founded by seven experienced Dutch attorneys. All of the founding members were and most of them are still admitted to the Netherlands bar and licensed to practice in the country in which they work.

There is one DBLA member per country, who has been carefully vetted by the founding members. They are all native or near native speakers of Dutch, fluent in English and in the local language of the country in which they have been practicing for many years. Above all, they are familiar with the Dutch legal system and the local legal system.


DBLA members bridge the legal and cultural gap between the Netherlands and the country in which they practice, so that Dutch clients will feel at home abroad.

Needless to say that DBLA members are also pleased to provide legal services to non-Dutch clients in the same pro-active way, as you would expect in the Netherlands.

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